Current students' comments on their experience with the GRC, either as an attendee or a presenter.

Qiana Green, HALE PhD student

"I have presented at the GRC for three our of the four years I have been in the doctoral program. The GRC has been a great space where our community of scholars can come together, share, and support one another as a HALE family. Oftentimes we present our work at national and regional conference, which is great, but many folks here don't get a chance to learn about the project. It's exciting to present your own work, but really enjoyable to hear the work others are doing."

Terrance Range, HALE PhD student

"The Graduate Research Colloquium was phenomenal! I learned about the wonderful research among MSU's faculty and students. I also had the opportunity to meet prospective graduate students who were interested in the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education program. I also appreciated interacting with other MSU students during the morning and afternoon sessions. It was one of the best conferences I have ever attended!"

Alexander Gardner: HALE PhD student 

"Having the opportunity to present provided me with an excellent forum to share some of my ideas and perspectives on current issues in Higher Education. Being able to engage in intellectual discourse with other attendees, peers and faculty during and after my presentation enabled me to refine my ideas and identify avenues for further investigation. The HALE program and the GRC in particular, provides an excellent environment to foster creative thinking while being immersed in excellent peer lead scholarship. The feedback I received during the GRC presentation assisted me in sharpening my thinking in a few areas as I prepare to give a similar presentation at a conference in Washington DC next week. The opportunity to present at the GRC is an invaluable opportunity for junior scholars to share current and ongoing research projects with peers and the greater HALE community"

Sapna Naik, HALE PhD student

"The Graduate Research Colloquium is one of my favorite HALE events. It’s the one day of the year when I get to hear from my classmates about their research, from their assistantships, class projects, study abroad experiences, or independent research. I also enjoy getting to meet prospective students and try to convince them to come to MSU. GRC was when I decided to come to MSU, so I hope to contribute to a positive experience for prospective students."

Erich Pitcher, HALE PhD student

"The GRC is a space that allows me to share some of the findings from my most recent research projects and to connect with other scholars interested in my work. It provides an opportunity for prospective and current students to build scholarly community and to learn from one another. I also find that making connections with prospective students and answering their questions can help them make an informed decision about joining the HALE community."