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This lecture series featured presentations and panel discussions on contingent faculty in higher education.

Among the growing debate in U.S Higher Education is growing controversy of employing contingent faculty (part-time, non-tenure track, and/or clinically trained researchers). These faculty are increasing in numbers, resulting in debates including the necessity of such faculty amid funding cutbacks, unionization of faculty labor, and improving work conditions (i.e. pay, benefits, job stability, isolation). 

The Ewigleben Symposium included multiple panels focused on contingent faculty in higher education from various perspective including policy advocacy, research, and practice. Presenters shed light on the wide range of issues raised in this debate and illuminate available policy lever of opportunity to address issues of equity that are central to the future of contingent faculty.  

A key component of the Ewigleben Symposium is the amazing speakers featured during the event.  In 2016, invited speakers included:  

  • Dr. Gary Rhoades: University of Arizona
  • Dr. Rich Manderfield: Michigan State University
  • Dr. Roger Baldwin: Michigan State University
  • Dr. Leslie Gonzales: Michigan State University
  • Ann Coburn-Collins- Saginaw State Valley University
  • Maria C. Maisto: New Faculty Majority Foundation

Full details of the day's proceedings are available in the 2016 Ewigleben Symposium program attached below.  


Ewigleben 2016 Program

The 2016 Ewigleben Lecture program PDF including the agenda and speaker biographies.