2017 CHAE Report: "A Great Collection of Minds: Maximizing the Strategic Engagement of New University Trustees"

The 2017 report covers the third and final phase of a two year longitudinal study of new trustees at Michigan public universities.

2017 CHAE Special Report: "Transforming Academic Retirement: The Performance and Potential of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education"

This 2017 CHAE report summarizes the findings of a 2016 nationwide survey of higher education retirement organizations.

2016-2017 CHAE Speaker Series

Flyer for the CHAE Speaker Series 2016-2017 featuring five speakers addressing different topics facing higher education today.

ASHE 2016 Conference Presenters

A summary document that lists EAD faculty and students presenting at the 2016 conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education.

Under the Microscope: Investigating the Benefits and Impact of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education

Dr. Roger Baldwin and doctoral student, Brett Say prepare to present at the AROHE Conference

Center for Higher and Adult Education Report, Spring 2016

Context influences postsecondary research in a multitude of ways. The Spring 2016 issue of the Center for Higher and Adult Education Report serves to illustrate how Center faculty examines context and organizational-level research.

2015 Publications & Presentations List

A compiled list of publications, presentations, and other scholarly work by Center faculty in 2015.

Center for Higher and Adult Education Report Fall 2015

The ever-increasing diversification of higher education necessitates a greater understanding of factors that support the changing needs of students and faculty. The Fall 2015 edition of the CHAE report showcases the work of Center faculty in this realm.

2014 CHAE Special Topic Report - Great Expectations: A Longitudinal Study of New University Trustees

This report highlights initial findings from a 2-year longitudinal study of the expectations and experiences of 12 newly appointed public university trustees in the State of Michigan.

2015 CHAE Special Topic Report - Oversight vs. Strategic Engagement: The Competing Roles of Public University Trustees (Second Phase Report)

This is the second of three reports on the expectations and experiences of newly appointed public university trustees. The report covers trustees’ viewpoints about their first year as board members and ideas for promoting high performing boards.

GRC Testimonials

Current students' comments on their experience with the GRC, either as an attendee or a presenter.