Featuring Edlyn Peña, Associate Professor at California Lutheran University

The Raines Colloquium hosts distinguished scholars and practitioners within student affairs, adult education, and higher education for a series of lectures and discussions with students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the Department of Educational Administration. The Colloquium series aims to foster intellectual, professional and personal growth, and collegiality among colloquium attendees. 

The Spring 2017 Raines Colloquium featured: 

Dr. Edlyn Peña
Associate Professor, California Lutheran University (CLU) 

Autism in College: Creating a Spectrum of Opportunity
Thursday, February 2, 2017
1:30pm, 252 Erickson Hall

Presentation background
As the numbers of students diagnosed with autism have increased to one in 68 students, institutions of higher education are currently experiencing an upward trend in enrollment of college students with autism. As students with autism transition into postsecondary education along with their neurotypical peers, they face additional social and academic challenges. Dr. Edlyn Peña discusses evidenced-based ways in which college faculty, administrators, and staff can work together to facilitate the success and retention of students with autism. 

Featured speaker
Dr. Edlyn Peña is an Associate Professor in Higher Education Leadership at California Lutheran University (CLU). Her expertise and research center on social justice issues for students with disabilities, particularly autism, in the preschool through higher education pipeline. As founding Co-Director of the Autism and Communication Center at CLU, and an appointed member of the federal Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, Dr. Peña is well known for her scholarship, service, and advocacy to support students with autism at the state and national level.