The Scholarly Work section is designed to showcase the academic scholarship of the Center faculty and students. Scholarly Work entries vary in form and range from including project specific reports, to highlighting a Center publication, to being a collection of vignettes about the research agendas of several individuals. These individual entries provide insight into the projects and outcomes central to the academic work and intellectual enterprise of our Center and its faculty.  

Restructuring the Practica Selection Process for Emerging Student Affairs Professionals

In the CHAE Report (Spring 2016), Dr. Porter describes her vision to transform the practica selection process for graduate students with an emphasis on the development of professional competencies.

Exploring the Implications of an HSI Designation for Graduate Students at a Research University

In the CHAE Report (Spring 2016), Dr. Marin discusses the growing phenomenon of research universities seeking HSI designations and the potential this offers to the pipeline of Latino/a students in higher education.

Professional Development and the Growth of University Teacher Communities in the Context of Educational Change

In the CHAE Report (Spring 2016), Dr. Dirkx shares insights from his collaborative work examining professional development and teach communities in the service of fostering organizational transformation in an Italian university.

The Changing Roles of International Postdocs

In the CHAE Report (Spring 2016), Dr. Cantwell's interest in the growth and trajectory of international postdocs at research universities is discussed.

Faculty Retirement: Making the Silent Conversation Heard

In the CHAE Report (Spring 2016), Dr. Baldwin, the current Erickson Chair, explores the topic of faculty retirement.

Navigating the Complexity of Consortium Work

In the CHAE Report (Spring 2016), Dr. Amey discusses the organizational successes, challenges, and opportunities of consortium work in higher education.

The National Study of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, and Queer (LGBTQ+) College Student Success

In the CHAE Report (Fall 2015), Dr. Renn discusses directing the National Study of LGBTQ+ College Student Success project and its many implications.

The Role of Relationships in the Lives of Women Scholars

In the CHAE Report (Fall 2015), Dr. Gonzalez discusses the importance of the role that relationships play in the lives of women academics.

Exploring the Mobility Rates of Foreign Born Faculty

In the CHAE Report (Fall 2015), Dr. Kim discusses mobility rates in foreign born faculty in higher education in the U.S.

Using Cogenerative Dialogues in Graduate Education

In the CHAE Report (Fall 2015), Dr. Jones discusses the use and benefits of cogenerative dialogues in graduate education.

Reimagining the Way We Teach Leadership

In the CHAE Report (Fall 2015), Dr. Arnold discusses his plans to re-envision EAD 315, an undergraduate leadership course at MSU.

The Role of Retired Faculty Organizations and Emeritus Colleges in Higher Education

In the CHAE Report (Fall 2015), Dr. Baldwin explores the role that retirement organizations play in higher education.