The Scholarly Work section is designed to showcase the academic scholarship of the Center faculty and students. Scholarly Work entries vary in form and range from including project specific reports, to highlighting a Center publication, to being a collection of vignettes about the research agendas of several individuals. These individual entries provide insight into the projects and outcomes central to the academic work and intellectual enterprise of our Center and its faculty.  

Breaking the Spiral of Disillusionment

A proposal to secure universities as infrastructure for Michigan and beyond.

Living-Learning Communities that Work: A Research-Based Model for Design, Delivery, and Assessment

Dr. Matt Wawrzynski co-authored a book, which provides a comprehensive model for the design, administration, and assessment of inclusive living-learning communities

Center for Higher and Adult Education Reports

Archive of past issues of the Center for Higher and Adult Education (CHAE) Report

Is "Business as Usual" Enough to Be Hispanic-Serving? Becoming a Hispanic-Serving Research Institution

Assistant Professor Patricia Marin interviewed senior administrators at an emerging Hispanic-Serving Research Institution (HSRI) to explore their perceptions of the institution’s development and identity as it approached this institutional designation.

Higher Education, Fiscal Administration, and Budgeting: An Applied Approach

Dr. Gabriel R. Serna, Assistant Professor, co-authored a book, which offers current and future higher education and student affairs leaders a practical approach to budgeting and fiscal administration in higher education.

Engaging Globally: Student Co-Curricular Involvement and Learning in South Africa

The Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education program and Nelson Mandela University (NMU) in South Africa can boast such a sustained partnership, beginning in 1998 and continuing to this day.

Re/presenting Students: Unpacking Whiteness in Global University Rankings Websites

Associate Professor Riyad Shahjahan extends the scholarly debates on global university rankings (GUR) through visual analysis of GUR websites.

Towards Labor Justice: Documenting Implicit and Explicit Labor Expectations of Community College Faculty

In this project, Dr. Leslie Gonzales and her research team comprised of graduate students Stephanie Aguilar-Smith and Benjamin Espinoza, want to know (1) What are the explicit and implicit labor expectations of community college faculty? and (2) How do sa

Under the Microscope: Investigating the Benefits and Impact of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education

Dr. Roger Baldwin and Brett Say, HALE doctoral student, present their research at the conference proceedings of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education.

Publications & Presentations: A List of Faculty's 2015 Work

A compiled list of publications, presentations, and other scholarly work by Center faculty in 2015.

Professional Collaborative Experiences in South Africa

In the CHAE Report (Spring 2016), Dr. Wawrzynski discusses the mutual benefit of the professional collaborative experience between the Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education (HALE) program and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa.

The Transformation of Academic Writing, or What Do We Want from Enhanced E-Texts?

In the CHAE Report (Spring 2016), Dr. Weiland explores the role of "enhanced e-texts" in scholarly communication in the digital age.