Series’ and Colloquiums

The Center hosts an annual Brown Bag Discussion Series that addresses professional development topics of interest to current doctoral students in the Educational Administration Department programs.

These events, often organized by current students and/or in response to student topical suggestions, add practical discussions to the student experience. By sharing realities of academic work, strategies for productive writing, hands-on experiences with data analysis, or other professional experiences, students gain additional skills while benefiting from hearing the expertise of faculty and alumni.

Past Events


Conducting Literature Reviews: A Panel Discussion

This discussion is part of the EAD Professional Development Series, brought to you by the support of the Department of Educational Administration


EAD Doctoral Student Conversation: Life After Classes

A session centered on doctoral student life after the completion of coursework.


To Market, To Market: Job Searching for EAD Students

A special event in the EAD Professional Development series focused on preparing advanced EAD doctoral students for the academic job market.


The Final Frontier: Preparing for EAD 995 and Life After Your Last Class

This brown bag event shared tips for students regarding EAD 995: Research Practicum in Higher Education


The First 6 Months on the Job

This event shared tips from a panel of alumni regarding "the first 6 months on the job for newly minted Ph.D.s (or what they didn’t tell us in graduate school)"


Mapping Your Administrative Career

The program presents an excellent opportunity to benefit from the experiences of successful alumni, as well as to meet with others that share an interest in a career in higher education administration.


Developing Good Writing Habits, Writing Groups and Dissertation Support

This event shared information regarding writing habits and strategies for successful writing as a student and scholar.


Intro to Qualitative Coding and Software

Panelists: Dr. Kristen Renn and doctoral students, Gina Vizvary & Blue Brazelton


Writing Effective Proposals for Conference Presentations

This event presented a panel of students and faculty discussing strategies for writing effective proposals.


Education in Muslim Communities and Societies

Part of the Muslim Studies Program Brown Bag Series