Series’ and Colloquiums

Internationally-known education scholars present special lectures to the MSU community.

As part of the Center for Higher and Adult Education's mission to contribute to a community of scholars, a range of higher education scholars are invited to give presentations at multiple events throughout the year. For nearly a decade, the Speaker Series has helped students and faculty to think more deeply about their work and scholarship as it relates to several key aspects of higher education, both within the U.S. and in international contexts.

Past invited speakers have included:

Dr. Vincent Tinto, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the Higher Education Program, Syracuse University

Dr. Michael A. Olivas, William B. Bates Distinguished Chair of Law, Director, Institute of Higher Education Law & Governance, University of Houston

Dr. Marybeth Gasman, Professor of Higher Education in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Matthew Mayhew, Associate Professor of Higher Education, New York University

Dr. Samuel G. Freedman, an award-winning teacher and writer, a professor in the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University and the author of several widely admired books on teaching, religion, and American social life.

Dr. Cheryl E. Matias, Assistant Professor in the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Colorado Denver

Dr. Carl Amrhein, MCIP, RPP Deputy Minister, Alberta Health Official Administrator, Alberta Health Services Professor, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Former Provost and Vice President (Academic) University of Alberta 

Dr. Lisa Delpit, Felton G. Clark Professor of Education, Southern University

Dr. Kathleen Manning, Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs, University of Vermont 

Dr. David Chapman, Birkmaier Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Minnesota

As well as several MSU HALE faculty and program alumni. 

Intended to build scholarly discussion on pressing, contemporary issues in higher education, the Speaker Series events have covered topics including undocumented students, addressing issues of equity, affirmative action and the courts, global engagement, faculty issues, and challenges facing education finance.

Past Events


Navigating Logics for Inclusive Student Affairs

In this talk, Dr. Templeton shares several case examples to demonstrate how student affairs professionals can navigate their institution’s logics to serve students more inclusively.


“Speaking Truth and Acting with Integrity: Navigating a Campus Racial Crisis”: Report Release and Discussion

Join HALE faculty to view the livestream of the release of the report “Speaking Truth and Acting with Integrity: Navigating a Campus Racial Crisis” which examines how the University of Missouri responded to the 2015 racial crisis on its campus.


International Student Migration: Evidence from Finland on Who Stays, Why, and Returns in the Labor Market

This presentation encompasses three papers examining the factors influencing international students’ choice to stay in Finland and their associated returns in the Finnish labor market.


Trustees in Higher Education: What Do They Do and Why Should We Care?

Dr. Baldwin, a trustee of Hiram College, will share his knowledge of trustees from his personal experience and empirical research.


Japanese Higher Education & The “Glonacal”

HALE faculty and students share observations and analyses regarding their recent study abroad tour of higher education institutions in Japan for the course EAD 972: International Comparative Higher Education.


A Conceptual Model of College Going and Choice: An Identity Economics Approach

Taking guidance from the expansive literature on college choice and going, Dr. Serna proposes a new conceptual model of college going and choice.


The First Amendment and Public Universities: Understanding the Law, Policy, and Higher Education

In light of recent controversies, it is essential for faculty, staff, and students to understand this important constitutional provision and its connection to policy and practice on college campuses.


Taking the "Taboo" Out of Retirement: Reimagining Later Academic Life

In partnership with the Academic Advancement Network at Michigan State University, Professor Roger Baldwin sponsored a free symposium to explore senior faculty development and retirement in higher education.


Dr. Vincent Tinto presents "Conversation on Theory and Practice"

In this Center Speaker Series session, Dr. Tinto will discuss the theoretical underpinnings of his work and scholarship based on his decades of work in the area of college student persistence and success.


Dr. Dongbin Kim presents "Understanding the changing patterns of doctoral student migration: Past, present, and future"

In this Center Speaker Series session, Dr. Kim discusses the migration patterns of doctoral students from their undergraduate institutions to their doctoral programs.


Dr. Leslie Gonzales presents "The presence and purpose of relationships in academic careers: Learning, living, and finding validation in academia"

In this Center Speaker Series session, Dr. Leslie Gonzales will discuss her work exploring the role of colleagueship in the lives of faculty members.


Dr. Marybeth Gasman Presents "Educating a Diverse Nation: Lessons from Minority Serving Institutions"

Dr. Marybeth Gasman spoke on her research found in her latest book regarding minority-serving institutions.